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Redefine M&A Transaction Compliance

ClearTheDeal offers a groundbreaking solution for lawyers advising on M&A transactions. By automating the notifiability assessment of transactions to merger control authorities, we ensure accuracy, efficiency, and speed unmatched by traditional methods.

Instant Notifiability Assessments

Our app streamlines the assessment process for M&A transaction notifiability, reducing a days-long task to mere minutes with unparalleled accuracy.


Smart, Error-Proof Process

By automating the assessment, ClearTheDeal minimizes the risk of human error, ensuring a reliable and trustworthy evaluation every time.


Comprehensive Yet Simplified

Our app provides detailed assessments and executive summaries, identifying notifiable jurisdictions and any additional information needed for a complete evaluation.

How it works

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1. Effortless Onboarding

Join our waiting list to be among the first to experience the future of M&A transaction compliance. Early access users will lead the transformation in legal advisory services.

2. Intuitive Input Process

3. Transparent Assessment

Unlock the full potential of automated M&A transaction assessments starting from just $399 per month. ClearTheDeal is your strategic partner in navigating merger control notifications.

  • Streamline assessments from days to minutes.
  • Automated, error-proof notifiability checks.
  • Detailed and executive summary assessments.
  • Identifies missing information for complete evaluations.
  • Transparent, condition-by-condition explanations.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes ClearTheDeal unique?

ClearTheDeal's automation transforms the traditional, time-consuming process of assessing M&A transaction notifiability into a quick, accurate, and reliable assessment, minimizing human error and providing detailed insights.

2. How does the app work?

3. Can it handle incomplete information?

4. What is the subscription cost?

5. How can I join?

ClearTheDeal | Premier Merger Control Notification App

Transform M&A compliance with ClearTheDeal. Our SaaS app automates the assessment of transaction notifiability to merger control authorities, streamlining the process from days to minutes. Secure your early access and revolutionize how you advise on M&A transactions.

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